I have being down with tooth aches for about a week now, it became several day 3 days making me unable to write. But now it has being fixed, concerning I am not a fun of going to see the dentist. I  had to prepare myself for this adventure. I mastered courage on Monday to go see him, after waiting close to two hours he showed up, late and apologizing for being late, I was much annoyed cos I had  to go back to the office.

After exchanging greeting, I sat in the almighty dentist chair with an overhead light looking at me directly. I being to panic as he takes the mouth mirror to examine my teeth. he assured me all is well but I needed to take my loose molar off Because it was 75% off from the gum, I obliged. Then came four shots of Local anesthesia.

“An anesthetic drug (which can be given as a shot, spray, or ointment) numbs only a small, specific area of the body (for example, a foot, hand, or patch of skin). With local anesthesia, a person is awake or sedated, depending on what is needed. Local anesthesia lasts for a short period of time and is often used for minor outpatient procedures (when patients come in for surgery and can go home that same day).” source Wikipedia

After 5 minutes, my lower lip and cheeks felt numb, He then used the Spoon excavator to remove my molar and inserted a gauze to absorb the blood that was gushing out of my mouth. It was finally over, I was giving some Diclo-Denk 100mg tab, Amoxycilin Capsules 250mg and ibuprofen to help in the recovery process.

Am recovering now and doing okay. Thank you for reading.



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