As part of my weight loss journey and my new lifestyle of eating healthy, I dashed to the supermarket after work to grab for myself some vegetable to try out mince beef stew i have always craved for. Please bear with my me if my style of cooking it is different as  I incorporated the traditional Ghanaian way of cooking and what I learnt from the internet. The cooking time is approximately 40mins


2 tablespoon of Olive oil

2 large Onion, 1 clove garlic and ginger

4 carrots, grated

2 fresh tomatoes & a tbs of tomato paste

2 large green bell pepper


Knorr beef/onion soup in place of flour or red wine


salt and pepper to taste


1. Mix the mince beef together with the blended garlic and ginger and stir until even

2. Add Olive oil in a pan and some onion until the onion is golden brown, then add the minced beef and simmer for 5mins

3. Add the tomato pasteWP_20150213_001

4. Add all the vegetables, carrot and peas first, then the bell pepper, onions and tomatoes

5. Mix the Knorr soup with warm water and add to the sauce

6. Add the spice, pepper and salt and cover to simmer for 20mins

7. Serve with rice, yam, plantain

WP_20150213_012 WP_20150213_007 WP_20150213_006


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