My daughter turned two in January, a perfect time to wean her off breastfeeding. I described it as a perfect timing because in the contemporary  Ghanaian household a child is completely weaned on his/her second birthday. But to my surprise mine was the opposite, after her first birthday I decided to wean her off the breast gradually since she start eating well and I introduced more of the family foods to her which is took as well as giving her formula milk.

I only offered her the breast in the evenings when I am back from work and during bedtimes, we did that for nearly six month and she was okay. She ate well, so I decided to go a step further by eliminating evenings feeds, that was when I got the surprise of my life. she will cry so hard and throw herself to the floor, she started refusing any meal or snack I offer her.

Then I decided to resort to the unconventional traditional way of weaning babies of the breast in Ghana which involves;

  • Applying a bitter pill ( paracetamol)
  • Fresh Aloe Vera on the breast
  • Send them to grandparents house to spend some few days.

I tried all in vein, so I decide to let her have her way until she turned two, that was when I came up with the idea because I saw that the breast was mainly for comfort and that anytime I see her bored (mostly that is the time she wants to feed), I either distract her by reading a book to her which is loved so much or play music and we have a competition to see who wins.

Another ideas I came up with was to pretend to call her teacher at school or her grandmother on phone to report she wanted to breastfeed, there and then she will says I don’t want to popo (word used for breastfeeding). I did that for two months, yea before I saw results. She woke one morning and she said to me “mummy’s popo is sick” and I have never seen her wanting it even if I offer her willingly. She eats a meal  and is willing to try new things I give her.

I did it and I  am super proud even though it took me 14 months to wean her.



After having my daughter two years two months ago, things have really changed in my life. some have been fun, others exciting, others adventurous and some hmm. it better i leave it there. I had my daughter when I was 27 years, naive , didn’t know anything about being a mummy. then when the reality donned on me i began to learn quickly and fast, thanks to social media and the internet things came in handy and a very supportive family. After my daughter was two months old, I left my parents house to my place to begin the journey with just my husband and the baby. it was super pleasant site to watch, from there to now I have been able to endure for two years and two months now and will like to share with you the experience as we prepare to add an addition to the family. I will update you on my progress from time to time as I just started blogging.


I have being down with tooth aches for about a week now, it became several day 3 days making me unable to write. But now it has being fixed, concerning I am not a fun of going to see the dentist. I  had to prepare myself for this adventure. I mastered courage on Monday to go see him, after waiting close to two hours he showed up, late and apologizing for being late, I was much annoyed cos I had  to go back to the office.

After exchanging greeting, I sat in the almighty dentist chair with an overhead light looking at me directly. I being to panic as he takes the mouth mirror to examine my teeth. he assured me all is well but I needed to take my loose molar off Because it was 75% off from the gum, I obliged. Then came four shots of Local anesthesia.

“An anesthetic drug (which can be given as a shot, spray, or ointment) numbs only a small, specific area of the body (for example, a foot, hand, or patch of skin). With local anesthesia, a person is awake or sedated, depending on what is needed. Local anesthesia lasts for a short period of time and is often used for minor outpatient procedures (when patients come in for surgery and can go home that same day).” source Wikipedia

After 5 minutes, my lower lip and cheeks felt numb, He then used the Spoon excavator to remove my molar and inserted a gauze to absorb the blood that was gushing out of my mouth. It was finally over, I was giving some Diclo-Denk 100mg tab, Amoxycilin Capsules 250mg and ibuprofen to help in the recovery process.

Am recovering now and doing okay. Thank you for reading.



As part of my weight loss journey and my new lifestyle of eating healthy, I dashed to the supermarket after work to grab for myself some vegetable to try out mince beef stew i have always craved for. Please bear with my me if my style of cooking it is different as  I incorporated the traditional Ghanaian way of cooking and what I learnt from the internet. The cooking time is approximately 40mins


2 tablespoon of Olive oil

2 large Onion, 1 clove garlic and ginger

4 carrots, grated

2 fresh tomatoes & a tbs of tomato paste

2 large green bell pepper


Knorr beef/onion soup in place of flour or red wine


salt and pepper to taste


1. Mix the mince beef together with the blended garlic and ginger and stir until even

2. Add Olive oil in a pan and some onion until the onion is golden brown, then add the minced beef and simmer for 5mins

3. Add the tomato pasteWP_20150213_001

4. Add all the vegetables, carrot and peas first, then the bell pepper, onions and tomatoes

5. Mix the Knorr soup with warm water and add to the sauce

6. Add the spice, pepper and salt and cover to simmer for 20mins

7. Serve with rice, yam, plantain

WP_20150213_012 WP_20150213_007 WP_20150213_006


Today am beginning my weight loss journey to losing 35 kg of baby fat which  I have been struggling to loss for the past TWO year (seriously) due to either lack of motivation or me being too lazy to complete whatever diet or exercise regime I start. I have download Myfitness pal on my phone which will help me count my calories. Ok let begin;

Start Weight:      Height
90 kg                    5 ft 6 in
198 Ib                   170 cm
14 st
Being 90 kg at 170 cm, my BMI is saying  I am 32.0, meaning I fall in the Obese category.

See you in a week on my food intake, exercise and new lifestyle. Cheers!